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Happy to announce we have won a Gold Taste Award for our Raspberry Honey Mustard, presented at The Samling  hotel on the shores of Windermere.<\/p>

A really good mustard with a lovely glossy appearance and a clear taste of honey.<\/p>

The Raspberry mustard is made with Glen Ample Raspberries from the Rowleys fields in the Eden Valley. A beautiful rosy mustard that goes so well with venison, cheeses and beef.<\/p>","HTML_link":"","date":"1357776000","image":"","tags":"Term 1, term 2, etc","order_list":"1","state":"live" },{ "entry_id":"20", "title":"Foody Phil finds us ","description":"

Foody Phil finds Cumberland Honey Mustard at Holker Hall Farmers Market and tastes for the first time the range of honey mustards.<\/p>

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Welcome to the Cumberland Mustard website, you will find out more information on one of Cumbria's best kept secrets
as well being able to order mustard from our online store.

If you new to the wonders of wholegrain honey mustard
we hope you find the variety for you.

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Serving Suggestions

Some of the latest ideas we and others have had for sprucing up your meals with mustard.

Instant Beetroot Relish

  • Peel raw beetroot and grate into a dish.
  • Add Cumberland Raspberry Vinegar.
  • Serve with cold roast beef, works well with as side dish with most meats.

An amazingly vibrant and refreshing taste and healthy to boot. Thanks Lewis for that suggestion.

Quick & Easy Seville Mustard Vinaigrette

Mix Seville orange Honey Mustard with equal parts cider/wine vinegar and good quality oil.

Makes a zingy dressing for any green leaf salad.

Vulcan Honey Mustard Mayonnaise

Mix a teaspoon full of Vulcan Mustard with your favourite mayonnaise as dressing for hard-boiled eggs or bean salad.

Chicken smothered in Hot Seville Sauce

Heres a quick and easy way with a whole or chicken joints. Prepare the bird and generously smother with Hot Seville Sauce, cook in the usual way and be delighted by the hot and citrusy flavours; the gravy can take a little orange juice or preserved lemon to finish.

Please feel free to send your own ideas and we may add them to the site for others to enjoy!


Rheged monthly farmers market

The Pooley Bridge Farmers Market, Held On The Last Sunday Of The Month From April To September Has Moved To Rheged , On The A66. Open From 10 Til 3pm, A Great Selection Of New And Old Favourites....



Happy To Announce We Have Won A Gold Taste Award For Our Raspberry Honey Mustard, Presented At The Samling  Hotel On The Shores Of Windermere.

A Really Good Mustard With A Lovely Glossy Ap...

Foody Phil finds us

Foody Phil Finds Cumberland Honey Mustard At Holker Hall Farmers Market And Tastes For The First Time The Range Of Honey Mustards.


Original - Large
Sweet wholegrain honey mustard, fruity & with a bite, delicious with meats & sauces. 340g.
£5.00 UK Delivery. VAT inc on postage.


Cumberland Mostarda
An Italian inspired exotic fruit preserve in a mustard sauce.
£6.00 UK Delivery. VAT inc on postage.